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Maki Platter (51 pcs)

Tuna roll, salmon roll, negitoro roll, cucumber roll, B.C. roll, yam tempura...
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Vegetarian Platter (46 pcs)

Avocado roll, Tofu roll, Yam roll, Inari roll, Kappa roll, Oshinko roll,...
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Platter A (45 pcs)

1/2 Foto Maki Cucumber Roll, California Roll, B.C Roll, Salmon Roll, Alaska...
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Platter B (34pcs)

1/2 House Roll, Alaska Roll, Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll, Tuna...
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Platter D (57 Pcs)

1/2 House roll, canucks roll, spicy tuna roll, California roll, dynamite...
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Platter C (47 Pcs)

Stevenson roll, California roll, B.C roll, tuna roll, kappa roll, 2pcs...
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Chef's Special Roll (46 pcs)

Any combination of 5 chef's recommendation + 6 pcs California Roll